"Brotherhood of Poland" and other shows that won't last

I watched it last night (under duress) and quite enjoyed it. I have a feeling, though, that it’s not long for this world–not only are all the leads middle-aged and unglamorous, they face real problems. gasp The horror!

So, did anyone else watch it? And what other shows are (likely) going to die early deaths?


The answer is “The Mullets”.

I’ll second the vote for “The Mullets”. Not entirely unfunny, but more painful than funny overall.

I give it half a season.

I have a theory that if a show has too many words in its name it won’t make it. Of course, “8 Simple rules…” proved that the rule is not absolute.

Now that the awful The Parkers has lasted long enough to make it into syndication, I have given up hope that likely stupid crap like The Mullets will die a quick TV death.

I caught a few minutes of Brotherhood, not much but enough to make me curious enough to give it a shot. The ads make it look like one of the few new shows I think has potential.

How about rephrased into “shows that are actually not horrible that will get canceled early”?

(Though I didn’t watch “The Mullets,” so I’m basing this purely on conjecture.)


Whoopi. AKA “Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644”.

Heh. I’mfrom New Hampshire, and I didn’t watch it. (interesting to note, though- although though there is no real Derry ME or Poland NH, there’s really a Derry NH and a Poland ME) I see your Whoopi and want to raise you Happy Family. And I think Jake 2.0 will buy it once Angel returns. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I’ve watched the first three episodes, other than boredom.

I watched Jake 2.0 on Wednesday. It was, well, meh.

And it made me wonder: Are brakes on Cadillacs computer controlled?


I’ve been following Brotherhood from the beginning and I enjoy it. That is enough proof that it will be pulled. Who are these Nielson
families anyway?

Tru Calling. Out of a couple of dozen genre shows in the FOX network’s history, only like three or four lasted more than one season, and at least one of those (Dark Angel) died in its second season.

Plus it sounds like ass. From what I know of it, the premise is the bastard child of The Sixth Sense and Early Edition. I have no plans to ever watch it (so, Eliza Dushku ain’t that hot) and doubt it’ll last. It might survive the season, but that’s about it.

Reba. The first season was OK, but now this season with her whining and the stepfamily practically moving back in anything is a premise for an episode…the forced laugh tracks aren’t helping.

Let’s see, A Minute with Stan Hooper, the new Norm MacDonald vehicle is premiering next Wednesday…

against: Sixty Minutes II, Ed, Bachelor, Enterprise, and Smallville.

Would’ve made more money showing dead air.

Despite rotten reviews, Whoopi seems to be getting good ratings…maybe it is the time slot. I have watched it…I like a couple of zingers she has made about Bush and the war.

Happy Family is anything but. The show has a horrible premise…if at least ONE of the kids was good and successful, it would be funny. Too bad…good actors, wrong show.

Miss Match hasn’t figured out if it is a show about lawyers or a show about a matchmaker…neither one is good so far.

I thought Threat Matrix was OK at first, but now it starting to smell like something that was written by the Pentagon.

The Brotherhood of New Hampshire would have been wiser to premere in the summer to get an audience. I tried it a couple of times and found it so-so.

Norm MacDonald is too smarmy for me…I doubt I will even try it, but it depends on if anything else is on opposite.

Surprisingly, The Practice is still pretty good despite the fact that they axed half the cast this season.

Sadly, it’s on opposite Law And Order, which is still one of my favorite shows. Even if it were great, I haven’t had any faith in the networks’ keeping excellent programs on since they cancelled My World, And Welcome To It in about 1970. I heal slowly. :wink: