Brown dirt and ... other stuff

The last statement in the answer is at least misleading. The brown color of feces is largely due to certain pigmented compounds found in bile.

… And the organic compounds, you’ve got to admit :->

Torq, it takes a lot of gall to make a statement like that.

I can confirm this. After my gall bladder was removed, I had a drain installed to suck up the bile that was leaking into my abdomen. That’s when I found that when all that bile escapes from your digestive tract, your poops turn pretty pale, close to white. Bile itself is a dark yellowish brown.


10 points to MrMsty Had a drain installed! LMAO I knew barbers did surgery, but plumbers? Did you get the one with the removable p trap or the cleanout hole?

O.K. MrMsty, I’m pretty new here, but that has GOT to be the furthest any SDMBer has gone to test a mailbag answer. If they have a Cecil loyalty award, you win.

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