Browser Trouble Seeing Bottoms of Forms

I’m using Firefox, and, now and then, when I try to fill in a web-site data form (say, applying for a job) I find that there aren’t any slider bars on the side, so I can’t get down to the bottom of the form! I can only access those parts that fit in one screen, but can’t maneuver down to lower sections of a tall form.

Is this a bug in a pop-up blocker? Is this a Firefox problem? Is it the web host’s fault for designing a bad form? What’s the best solution? Anybody else have this problem?

Irritating! (Windows 7.)

Press < Ctrl + - > (Control key plus Dash key) to reduce overall picture size?

What **Treacherous Cretin **suggested, or alternatively use View/Zoom and select a smaller percentage size. I have had this problem with Firefox in the past.

I give up; where do you find View/Zoom?

File/Edit/View menu across the top line of your browser window. Press View, then hover to open Zoom menu…

There is no file/edit/view menu across the top line of the browser. The top line is just a list of open sites. There used to be such a line, but it disappeared in some upgrade. Has there ever been an upgrade that didn’t make a program harder to use?

Nope. That would violate the guild rules. And I’ve said too much already.

That top line is the Tab Bar. Right-click inside a blank area in that line, then click on “Menu Bar”.

And when you do open the menu bar, and go to View/Zoom – it says that zooming in and out are the same as Ctrl - and Ctrl +. So…all of these are…super good advice! Thank you! I didn’t know about these! I’ll definitely try these next time I get this problem. Mil milion gracias!

You can also just push CTRL-0 (zero) to reset the page to the default zoom, which will hopefully all fit in its intended size.

Be damned. Who knew? Yes, it worked. Another thing I like about modern programs is how everything is documented. And help files don’t, since if you don’t know the right key words you cannot find any information about anything.

What I love most about Help information is that it’s all online and if your problem is connecting to the internet there’s virtually no Help.

Just press Alt on your keyboard to bring up the menu bar in apps that hide it.

But you can sometimes still scroll with the arrow keys or page up/page down. Or, if you have a scroll wheel, use that. You can drag it down, too.

It that doesn’t work, then the web page is poorly designed. If it does, it may still be, but it may also be something hiding your scrollbars.

That’s also good to know!

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