Browsers: Mozilla99 Is Sucking Lately

      • To Whom It May Concern: Mozilla don’t work right: on SDMB, it often loses connections in 5-10-15 seconds [the “operation timed out” stuff] where when I try IE6, IE6 will be able to immediately get to the very same pages in only about 5-10 seconds… I prefer trying to use Mozilla 099 for the tabs, but on this and especially some other boards (using different software) I have noticed that it has the peculiar habit of double-posting, even when I am certain I only posted once (I use the same mouse for shooter-game playing, and haven’t noticed any crappy action of the mouse buttons during games).
        …Just a note…
        -I have Netsc-6 but haven’t tried using it much lately, so can’t comment on it at this time.
                                                                          • DougC

Doug, there is a Mozilla 1.0 (test) out from their web site. Try it out.

I haven’t used any build prior to 1.0, but I must say Mozilla is a huge improvement over any browser I’ve ever used in the past. I’ve been torture testing it on sites that make IE act funny and turn Netscape 4.x inside out, and I haven’t had a single crash. Seems to render pages a bit faster than IE5 as well, but I haven’t benched it or anything.


I have had no trouble with Mozilla, although I’m still on 0.9.8. Also, I’m using the Linux version, so I don’t know if it’s any different in terms of the bugs it might have.