Bruce Springsteen...guitar god?

I was just watching ‘Roy Orbison: Black and White Night’ on tv and noticed something that I’d never thought I would. Am I the last man in America to realize that Bruce Springsteen can rock a guitar? He was out there with a bunch of guys that could really rock…he held his own ground…I’m amazed. I’ve never given his music the credit that I’ve heard it deserves, I’m going to give it another shot. Man, he’s good at guitar if nothing else!

He’s a very good guitarist, but not a guitar god. I’ve seen him very up close at the Stone Pony in the 80’s & early 90’s. He is far better live in a small venue than on radio/MTV. Never seen him in big arena, I am not a huge fan but I like him more now than when he was played every 5 minutes in the 80’s.

I disagree that Springsteen held his own wit other guitarists. He played fine, but lacked the fluidity and grace of many of guitarist in that concert.

I guess I’m in your camp. There was a guy dressed in all white (In stark contrast to Orbison’s Black), that could play the bejeezus out of his guitar. The last song in the set they played ‘Pretty Woman’. The guy dressed in white and Springsteen had a bit of a guitar duel…it was an awesome thing to watch. I’ve never really liked Bruce Springsteen but I have a ton more respect for him now.
It was pretty awesome…He was beaten by the guy dressed in white but hell, I didn’t even know Springsteen played guitar. They rocked it. :slight_smile:

Yea but I saw it more as ‘emotion and fun’. Sometimes that’s the trump card. :wink: He still jumped in without embarassing himself. Much more that I’d have thought.

In the 70s he made some great composititions. After that, he kind of declined. I don’t really care how well he plays the guitar.

I didn’t see the event you’re talking about, but I never thought of Springsteen as a guitar god. I’ve never seen him take a solo; maybe he can do it after all.

If I knew of a way to do it legally…Hell, I’d send a copy. Trust me, I’m more awed by seeing it than you are by not. If you have the HD channels just watch the Roy Orbison concert. If not…I guess I’m talking out of my ass again. :wink:

He can play guitar. He’s not the best, but he’s certainly not the worst. And, his style is quite different than the Led Zeppelin-inspired lead playing that’s prevolent today.

I enjoy his accoustic playing much more.

Based on his playing from the mid 70’s to the present Springsteen would rank as a God compared to the utterly useless Clapton during the same period. However, if you want to revere great guitarists I suggest that you consider Richard Thompson who has been an extraordinary player since the late 60’s with Fairport Convention up to the present.

Just my two cents.

Marley23 you and I end up in music threads together a lot - I tend to think you have a great taste and solid POV’s; I hope you think the same of me. I am not all that passionate a Springsteen fan - I respect his songwriting and what he tries to do with his songs and his performances. I have seen him live and he is a very good, very solid rock guitarist. He rocks his Esquire (or the newer Tele’s he uses, too) just fine - good, melodic leads. He’s no shredder, but he’s not trying to be - he plays cool blues-based licks that fit his songs.

I respect his lead playing and would prefer to hear it over a lot of folks that people would name as guitar gods. I don’t think of Bruce as a guitar god, but a solid player.

(long time semi-pro guitar player here, if creds help…)

The “guy in the white suit” in that concert is James Burton, who was Elvis Presley’s lead guitar player.

And Ricky Nelson’s (before Elvis). James Burton?! I gotta see that clip - he is a guitar god - just a monster player.

James Burton? I’m going to keep my eye out for him from now on, he was pretty incredible, just awesome to watch. Thanks for the input guys!


You must be listening to better radio than I am these days. I wish more bands were influenced by Zeppelin. Rock could use more songs based on a cool, original riff with a nice clever solo in the middle. Seems like current radio is more influenced by Limp Bizkit and their ilk.


Oh, just in case anyone is interested in the lineup, here’s the imdb entry of the televised concert.

Yeah, listen to just about anything by RT, and then think of who can stack up next to him as a guitarist. It’ll be a short list; Springsteen won’t be on it.

I’m saying this as a fan of both men, BTW. Thompson has the better body of work over a much, much longer span of time, but at his height The Boss was pretty amazing.

Sure he’s no god, but he’s surprisingly good. He did some guitar work on Warren Zevon’s last album and is in a video with him…good, rocking stuff.

Bruce is the third-best guitarist in the E Street Band. :smiley:

I don’t know if I would agree with you there. Nils Lofgren is a monster and clearly the best. But I haven’t seen Miami Steve do anything that blew me away more than what Bruce does. Both are solid rhythm and lead players…