Bruce Wayne vs Drake Mallard

You know the drill. Who wins?

Theme music-wise, Drake has got the advantage over ol’ Brucie.
“Lets Get Dangerous!”

Bruce wins, with a nicely prepared Mallard dinner. Maybe some coriander potatoes on the side. Yum.


Guy whose never prepared against the guy who’s always prepared? Yeah, Bruce wins.

Inspector Gadget.

I didn’t realize it the first couple of times I read this thread title, but you are asking if Darkwing Duck could beat die hard, right…? O.o


Bruce Wayne is rich, but he seems a little foppish to me. And there are a lot of questions about his relationship with that kid who lives with him. Mallard is more of a regular duck though. Lives a common middle class life, takes care of his kid. I think in a confrontation Wayne would be looking around for his butler to help him out, or maybe use his political connections somehow, while Drake stomps all over him with his big webbed feet. Just my opinion though.