Bruise questions

two quick questions.

  1. I do not turn black and blue when I buise. I am sore as all get out but never turn the neat-o shades of colors you see with some people. Is this normal?

  2. This saturday, I received a rather nasty shot to the chest. (With a blunted rapier not a gun. sheesh don’t take me THAT literal.)
    It is a very sore bruise under my right nipple, it hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, pull things, push things, lift my arm and lets not even talk about the effects it has had on my sex life.
    Anyway, What is the best way to make this ouchie go away?
    Ice? Heat? painkillers? Dropping a heavy object on my foot to distract me from the chest pains?

I am pretty sure the pain is mostly in the soft tissue with maybe a bit of a bruise on the rib underneath as well.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Ice is good, and so are painkillers… ibuprofen and acetaminophen and the like can act as anti-inflammatories, but be careful not to take too much.

If you’re a girl you always want to be careful with injuries to that particular soft tissue, especially in the long term… I don’t know if it’s as much of an issue for guys.

I also don’t get discoloration when I get injured. I beleive it is because I take alot of anti-oxidant vitamins. The discoloration is just dead blood cells oxidizing. This leads to further tissue damage. It is a good thing not to have discoloration IMO.

Ice, anti-inflamatories, and gently moving the area as far as pain allows will help heal soft tissue injuries in my experience.

I get beautiful bruises! One on my leg is currently a rather nice shade of green/blue with yellow edging!

Have you tried arnica (not sure if that’s right spelling)?

There are many sites which give advice on home treatment.

This site recomends:

IANAD but, if the discomfort does not quickly fade, I hope you will consider seeking the advice of a health professional. Point injuries such as you describe could have caused some damage to the ribs or the tissue between them.