Bruising with age?

I have fairly dark skin (though I’ve noticed as I get older my skin is getting lighter), so in the past (to my recollection) it took something fairly spectacular to bruise me enough to notice. I’ve noticed lately though that I’m getting bruises all over, seemingly without any contact at all. I don’t spar anymore, haven’t been in a fight in years, and don’t really do to much that is even considered strenuous these days…yet I wake up with some fairly vivid bruises.

Is this just part of aging? I doubt my wife is beating me as I sleep (for the simply fact that I don’t really sleep much), so my question is could this be simply an indication I’m getting old?


It can be a lot easier to bruise as you get older- sun damages the skin, medications can thin the skin or the blood. But if you’re just suddenly getting bruising, especially if you don’t recall injuring yourself there, you should see a doctor. Not something to mess around with.

Lots of older folk that I’ve known have said that they do indeed get bruised easily.

How old are you?

Nearly 50…so, not TOO old I suppose. Still, I’ve noticed that along with hair and eye sight loss I seem to bruise at the drop of a hat these days.


I don’t seem to bruise so easily, but damn if it seems to take forever for them to fade now. I’m 46

It’s all downhill from 40. :smack:


I’ve not seen anyone who commented on it at that age (usually more a 60+ thing.) Not sure if that just means that you’re naturally inclined to bruising or something more is at work. Certainly it doesn’t hurt to ask a doctor.

You’re only 50? I don’t want to alarm you, but I would suggest that you see a doctor ASAP. Wouldn’t hurt to get checked out.

This shouldn’t be happening at your age, unless for a damn good reason. Are you on any medications? Do you take much aspirin?

Seriously? :frowning: The only medicine I take is ambien and my doctor perscribed 2 aleve in the morning and 2 at night (for my shoulder injury). That’s pretty much it.

I will make an appointment to see a doctor when I get back from the trip I’m currently on (I’m not in the US atm).


Make sure they check your creatinine levels. My brother has chronic kidney disease and he has bruises all over his arms. He says this is fairly common for people with CKD. I’m sure this isn’t your problem but better safe than sorry.