Brushes with fame

My Dad was the stagemanager for a Harry Balafonte concert.
My Mum got to meet him too.
The Queen Mum (may she rest in peace) said hello to my sister who was a girl guide, when she opened the new wing of the British school in Tehran (the queen mum, not my sister). I was only a brownie; damn hierachy.
The Finn brother’s (Crowded House) Dad lives next door to my parents. I have always seen them around 'cause they go home for Christmas when I do too. I remember seeing Tim Finn with Greta Scatchi once - didn’t recognise her at all without make-up etc on. In fact Neil came round to chat with Dad the other day when I was home. He needed mood lighting for a relative’s wedding marque.
I’ve met many other famous New Zealanders, even share a gym with some of them but they probably won’t mean anything to you.
I’ve also been on Japanese TV and radio but ditto.

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