Bruxism cures?

Any cures for bruxism, especially extreme cases? I don’t guess any insurance co’s. really cover it?

There are some cures, dealing both with the psychological triggers and the physical act of the teeth grinding at night. See the bottomm of the linked page.

As to insurance coverage, you’d have to check to see if perhaps they consider it part of your dental or mental health.

Well, I use a night guard and it has helped tremendously. You can either buy the cheap ones at the drug store that you fit yourself, or your dentist can make one for you.

Usually this will be covered by your dental insurance. It’s not a cure, but it does help.

I have TMJ so this is a big problem for me. I haven’t been to my dentist to have a night guard fitted, but I am hoping to do so soon. The ones from the drug store are quite large for my mouth and tend to wear down quite quickly.

For me, bruxism is tied into my sleep disorders. You may want to check here or here for more information.

Oooh… just found this nifty device called Grind Alert.

Sounds pretty cool!

I’ve found that when I’ve been grinding my teeth it’s because I’ve not been getting enough calcium in my diet. So I start taking about 1000mg or more calcium a day for a while and that clears it up.

I once read that one should clench their teeth 3 times a day for 3 weeks to stop bruxism. I’ve never made it the whole three weeks, though, so I don’t know if it works, and I’ve never seen this anywhere else.