BSG: Rewatching Season 1

So I just got my order of the first season of Battlestar Galactica and it’s absolutely amazing how much detail is there when you look for it. Like when you see Gaius talking to Six and he’s making seeming innocuous motions but with your omniscient knowledge those motions take on a deeper meaning.

God I love this show. Since I’ve converted everyone in my social circle to Firefly, it’s time I start on them with BSG…


So…what deeper meanings are you talking about? You’re being quite vague.


I just meant the attention to detail. Like in one of the final episodes when the Raptor crashes on the planet and they’re getting everybody out of the wreckage. The guy in the chair has his headset on still from when they crash.

Or in one of the scenes in Gaius’ lab, Gaius is talking to Six in his head as she straddles his lap and he has his hands on her hips. From the others’ perspective he is spinning in his chair with his hands held awkwardly in his lap as if her body were there.

I guess in truth they aren’t such minor details, but I dig them.