BSG Season 3 replays?

Anyone know when S3 may go about replaying? I’ve managed to start recording them on UniversalHD, which looks fantastic on my projector, but that starts with the 5th episode and obviously I can’t watch them until I see the first 4. May have to take my chances d/ling them, cause I took a chance on the first season on DVD by word of mouth, then breesed through the entire first two seasons in about 2 weeks. I got the feva!

They usually show each episode a few times during the week after it has aired. May want to hit to see when the next rerun is…

Not looking for replays of most recent ep, looking for when they replay from the beginning of the season.

You can buy the episodes for $2 a pop from iTunes - good quality, too.

Ahhhh, good deal. I checked the website and it had listings for S1 and S2 on iTunes, but not S3. Figured it wouldn’t be released until it came out on DVD.

Nope, they come out the morning after the show airs.