BTG's Production Of Picnic Which Closes This Weekend Was Unbelievable

I was blown away. The Show closes this weekend. Am not sure of policy of commenting on a current local arts production so mods don’t hang me for mentioning this. Just kill the post if this is out of line. But I really loved the production.

I liked this better than the movie. More intimate/Powerful.

Pictures on my blog. More details.

The best thing about Chicago is its great live Theatre. Anyone who loves it should move here.

Do you all have a favorite production running right now that you reccomend for me to se this weekend as I have already seen Picnic? Though I may go see it again. There is a good production of Joseph further West in Oak Lawn. What else do people recommend for THIS weekend?


Oh, I prefer something less than 25.00 - Picnic was $17.00


The posting on my blog now includes a slideshow.