BTK Killer Confesses in Court.

In this morning’s New York Times and probably every other newspaper in America is the story that Dennis Rader has pleaded guilty to ten counts of murder and has recounted to the court in a matter-of-fact way how he killed each victim.

He carried a ‘hit kit’ of robe, tape and other stuff in his car, he staked out prospects (called ‘projects’) and had several in the works at any one time. He described comforting the crying babies of one woman he killed.

Sick, sick puppy. The only bright spot in all of this is the look it gives us into the mind of a serial killer. Perhaps this information will better help us protect ourselves.

No way for me to start a day. Harumph!

Ya know, I don’t believe in the death penalty as a general rule. But what are you supposed to do when you read accounts of the above heinous type actions and know that the most this sorry bastard will ever do is life in prison? I understand (in my limited capability having never dealt personally with it) that it’s rough in there and it’s a terrible existence to have. Unfortunately, aren’t there some scenarios where “an eye for an eye” are justified? I just don’t know, although I think this one would definitely count if so.

And to mollify someone before they are tortured and murdered? I don’t think I can express my rage adequately enough.

I caught some of this on Anderson “I wish he was straight and I was 20 years younger” Cooper last night, and I must say, Rader’s testimony gave me a serious case of heebie-jeebies. First time I wanted to sleep with the lights on and check under the bed since I was a kid!

That’s just a stupid, STUPID position to take. Death is quick and easy, especially when it’s done by a government and has to be as humane as possible. This guy is going to spend the rest of his life hated and knowing that he will accomplish absolutely nothing but dying of old age, useless and alone.

Creepy as all hell when he was telling the judge what he had done and how. He seemed to enjoy it ever so much.

And I think that the proper thing to do is to lock this sonuvabitch up and never, ever, let him talk to anyone, ever again. He seems to thrive on the attention, so let’s nip that in the bud straightaway.


I agree.

The death penalty may give victims some sense of vengence but sitting in jail for years is real punishment.

No, sadly he will spend the rest of his life in jail reliving his “Glory Days” of being a serial killer when he was so damn good at stalking, torturning and killing people.

Do not judge this guy by your own value system. As anyone who watched the newscasts of the court proceedings could see, he was really, really getting off on telling the story. He spoke of killing these people like you and I would talk about a good meal or night on Broadway because that’s what they are to him.

Most serial killers keep souvenirs of their victims. Some become jailhouse lawyers and represent themselves so they can have access to the evidence, especially photos of their victims. Some admit to hiding the bodies, then going back and having more adventures with them.

SERIAL KILLERS DO NOT FEEL ONE OUNCE OF REMORSE. They have no conscience whatsoever.

Since there is no way to guarentee this guy could not escape from prison and kill more people a la Ted Bundy, I say fry his ass.

I don’t know why, but I find this stuff oddly fascinating. I say keep him alive and study him. Pure sociopaths have got to make for an interesting case study.

The proper thing to have done would have been to not have given this monster the opportunity to brag and reminisce of his heinous crimes in an open forum where the entire nation gets to hear about it. That’s what he wanted, that’s probably why he confessed. Probably went back to his bunk and whacked off over the fact that every news station is now talking about it.

I know it is a compelling story. I read it too, and was as sickened as I was compelled to go on. But it served no real purpose, other than to give him one final victory. Better that he spend the rest of his days in obscurity and isolation.

Allocution of the crime is part of the guilty plea process. He has to describe his crimes in order to legally take responsibility for them.

I understand that, belladonna, but I’d prefer that his allocution be done to the judge, in the presence of the prosecuting and defense attorneys, and no one else. And then that the allocution not be released to the media. I would like that because it would punish him by denying him his glory. I know that our current laws and constitution don’t allow for such secrecy, nor do I advocate them doing so. It’s just a desire not to see a serial killer revel in the publicity.

But the public wants to know!

Ok, I see what you’re saying now.

Personally, I’m fascinated by these stories so it would be pretty ballsy of me to complain about coverage on them. Ideally, people like this wouldn’t even exist and no one would ever have to die so brutally. But when it does happen it’s like a human trainwreck, and it makes for very interesting reading.

Not all of us.

The public deserve to know. Like it or not, he is as human as you and I and it is important that we understand just what the human mind is capable of.

Yes. Especially when you consider that they can be any kind of person, from any kind of place or family. All you have to be is male. Usually.

I suspect they are some kind of glitch in evolution. Either a step more primitive than the rest of us or – and this really freaks me –maybe a step more highly evolved than the rest of us sentimental, loving warm-fuzzy-havers.

Neither the revelling nor the publicity will last long.

I noticed what great care he took with his appearance, which led to the thought, “Hope you enjoyed getting spiffed up for the last time; it’s jailhouse blues for the rest of your life.”

I’m also fascinated. Sickening people (and TwistofFate, they are not as human as me nor I suspect you, IMNSHO) but compelling reading. It is a trainwreck, terrible to behold but able to fully capture one’s attention.

That said, I also realize that the retelling and the reliving of the events for these people are yet another way to regain the power they felt when they were performing the acts, and the coverage plays into their considerable egos, and I’d like to see them denied.

I understand these are contradictory feelings.

Eh, I don’t know. Some of those serial killers live pretty good lives behind bars. They get tons of visitors, and lots of people come around to interview them. Some even get married (Richard Ramirez).

A friend of mine visited John Wayne Gacy six times. He had some interesting stories to tell. But one thing was certain, Gacy was happy to talk to people.

I think it is a mistake to dehumanise the acts of murderers (and indeed the murderers themselves). I undertand that it’s a natural reaction (and one I have myself also) to attempt to find reason in the face of the complete absense of reason.

Perhaps we differ on what factor morality plays in defining humanity.

It is important to remember that he will never be able to act upon his urges again.