i don’t get it.

It’s a parody of Fred Phelp’s “Godhatesfags” website.

Phelp’s site had (or maybe still has) a picutre of gay-bashing murder vicitm Matthew Sheppard’s ehad bobbing in hellfire. Mousing over it would prduce a sound byte of “AAAA! For God’s sake listen to Fred!”

The paraody site has some great potential.

…oh, THAT guy.

He was the one who made a point of hanging out outside the funerals of men who had died of AIDS, howling and waving his GOD HATES FAGS sign, wasn’t he?

I always figured he’d wind up inventing a new definition of “Gay Bashing”…

GAY BASHING (v), 1. The act of beating up a person because the attackers percieve that person to be a homosexual. 2. The act of beating up Fred Phelps, committed by homosexuals who’ve had enough of his hateful shit.