Bubble Pipe Design

Based on this thread, I got to thinking on how to convert a regular “Sherlock Holmes” type pipe into one which would blow bubbles into the air and not just “boil over”.

Taking a look at my pipe, I notice the tobacco bowl is about the same diameter as the bubble wand that comes in a standard bottle of bubble solution. It wouldn’t be too hard to snip off the circular soap-holder end of the wand and fit it into the pipe’s tobacco bowl. Some sanding and/or sealing would probably be needed.

The other modification would be to fit a small length of tubing to blow onto the center of the soap-holder ring. It would have to be sealed to the “draw hole” in the bottom of the tobacco bowl. I think something like the upper end of a bendy straw would work. Simple wood glue could probably work for the sealant.

Finally, fill the pipe about ¼ full of bubble solution. Cap the top of the tobacco cup with the heel of your palm and invert to coat the soap holder with solution. By having the air tube sealed to the draw hole, blowing air down the pipe would send air directly against the soap film on the holder and not into the pool of solution in the bottom of the pipe.

I remember the scene form *Cheers * where Diane finds Sam’s pipe in his desk and is noticeably impressed with his hidden maturity until she blows on it and bubbles come out. I have wanted a pipe like that ever since.

Good luck to anyone who tries it. I don’t want to ruin my pipe as it has a nice coat of carbon in the bowl.

Instead of this potentially messy solution, I would design a lever or pushbutton mechanism to raise and lower the bubble ring into the soap solution. Other than that, great idea!

After all of my pipe threads I’ll need to insist you find another not-smoked-in pipe to do this little experiement with. Wouldn’t the soap ruin the sweet molasses taste for future smoking? Or do you not intend to put any more Captain Black in the bowl once the experiment is through?

Read the last line of the OP.

The OP’s ideas would probably be workable, and amusing for those who are into such things. But like the OP, I’m another who would be leery of using one of my fine smoking briars for soap bubbles. On the other hand, I have been known to amuse myself and others by blowing smoke rings when I have a pipeful.

Is one person’s soap bubble another person’s smoke ring?

Ahem - my quick, whitty response was interrupted by my even quicker decidedly unwhitty Attention Deficit Disorder :slight_smile: Thanks Q.