Now then , how many bubbles are there in a normal bubble bath? eh? eh?

Let’s count:1,2,3,4, oh shit I poped one let’s start again: 1,2,3,4,5, … Damn I lost count where did that last one go?
Oh well I give up do it yourself.

welloso, you sure didn’t give us much to go on, did you? Oh well, that just lets us make it all up. Assumptions are fun! So, let’s go with a pefectly rectangular bathtub of dimensions l and w, filled with a uniform layer of bubbles of height h. Each bubble has an average volume of [symbol]d[/symbol]. The number of bubbles n is then simply
n = lwh/[symbol]d[/symbol].

Plug in some numbers:
l = 150cm
w = 60cm
h = 10cm
[symbol]d[/symbol] = .1cm[sup]3[/sup]
and you get 900 kilobubbles. Almost a megabubble!

In the northern hemisphere, assuming 1.5m bath length, water at 40 degrees Centigrade to a depth of 10 cm, and assuming insertion of 20 ml of bubble liquid prior to pouring bath, the average number is 1008602.

In the southern hemisphere, the number is 2068001.


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Wouldn’t the volume of a bubble decrease the further down in the bath it is, due to the weight of the bubbles above it? Would one call that bp, or “bubble pressure” (as opposed to water pressure)? Thus, there would be more bubbles at the bottom than at the top.

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Yes it would. You also need take into account the size distribution of the bubbles in the tub. It takes a whole lot of 50 micrometer bubbles to equal the volume of a 1 mm bubble, so even if you don’t see many small ones, they can contribute massively to the total bubble count. The trouble is there doesn’t seem to be a good reference available for the size distribution function of bubs in a tub.
In this thread, calculations gave between ~200,000,000 and 1X10[sup]12[/sup] bubbles per tub. We need better data to get a better answer.

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A foam bubble has on average 22.9 vertices, 34.14 edges and 13.39 faces, each with 5.103 sides.

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