Bubbly hair underwater

I noticed something interesting while bathing - all my submerged body hair was floating away from my skin as though I had goosebumps, but because they were all covered a thin layer of air bubbles. Dipping still dry skin below the surface didn’t seem to have the same effect. I didn’t stay long enough to see if waiting long enough would make new bubbles appear, but I wonder if the principles at work had more to do with the structure of hair sublimating dissolved air out of the water like carbonation, or skin respiration.

I was enthralled and enchanted watching platypuses at the Melbourne aquarium. They have a lovely silvery color underwater, because of all the tiny air bubbles entrapped in their fur.

Are you really furry?
(I think hair is porous)

I think you should probably inquire as to gender first. :wink:


How oily is your hair? Because I expect those bubbles were trapped by a thin film of oil.