Bubby List?

Anybody know what the buddy list is for/does?


From the FAQ (imagine that!):

See the button on the upper right of your screen that says “f.a.q.”? That’s the f.a.q. about vBulletin features. Your question is one of those f.a.q., and the answer can be found there.

I think Private Messaging has been disabled, however your Buddy List can show you when your Buddies are logged in to the Straight Dope. Unless they tick the privacy box in their User CP that allows them to log in anonymously.

My kids have a bubby list. There’s Bubby Harriet and Bubby Hadassa (plus, due to remarriages and great-grandparents) other Grandmas as well. :slight_smile:

(“Bubby” is the Yiddish word for Grandmother. See the title of the thread.) ;j

Zev Steinhardt

Tried the FAQ earlier on but the site kept crashing on me :slight_smile:

Asked here instead.