Buck Stove fireplace insert thermostat help needed

I have a “Buck Stove” Fireplace insert, and and apparent non-functional thermostat attached to it.

Currently, I can pile wood into it, and when it gets hot enough for the stove, the fans turn on. The thermostat is on the wall next to the fireplace, has an on/off switch, and an adjustable analog temperature control, all of which seem to have no effect whatsoever.

The thermostat also has a wire hanging off of it, divided into two parts, much like a speaker wire. i.e. two distinct parts of coiled wire surrounded by plastic. These wires do not lead anywhere, they just trail off helplessly and the ends are lying on my floor.

I’m thinking maybe they should be attached to something electrical? Any electricians who can help me?

Try going to the Buck Stove homepage.