Buckling Knees

I’m in the process of slowly shedding more weight (down 60 pounds so far) and I’ve been trying to exercise more by walking a lot. However, I’m having trouble with my knees constantly trying to buckle. My husband says I need to strengthen them for that not to happen as often, and I could’ve googled it, but I’d rather get opinions from folks here who’d “been there, done that” and can tell me pitfalls to avoid while I hash out specifically what to do. Thanks!

A few questions.
Does the buckling start right away or part way through your walk? How quickly have you increased your walking? (How far, how frequent?)
Do you feel any fatigue?
Were you previously sedentary?
Have you had any knee injuries in the past?

It can start at any time. Whenever I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to turn around, let alone go for lengthy walks, one or the other can buckle on a trip to the bathroom.

Lessee… I started in the fall last year and I’ve gotten up to two miles on average. Sometimes as much as 2.5, others less if I’m really tired or busy or whatever. The fastest I go is about a 15 minute mile. I try to walk at least three times a week or more.

Sadly, all the time. But I’m seriously anemic no matter how much iron I take or how well I eat.

Very much so. My depression typically kept me rooted in hiding indoors.

Played competitive softball until I was thirty, when the depression won that round too. I had your normal bumps, scrapes and bruises, then when I gained a shit ton of weight, had to have microscopic surgery on the right one when it started ‘catching,’ and kind of getting stuck whenever I walked at all. Turns out it was a bone chip and that’s the most severe thing that’s ever happened to it.

Hope that helps.

See a doctor, knees shouldn’t buckle, especially if you’ve lost weight. The excess weight you carried may have resulted in cartilage loss, among many other problems that could now be exposed. If it’s not real bad some physical therapy would be very useful.

Ah, no insurance and majorly broke.

I’d suggest you forego the walking for some lower impact exercise then. You have to be careful, life with bad knees sucks.

Since it seems the buckling is not confined to one leg, I would agree with TriPolar that cartilage loss (arthritis) is a starting point.

I think for the time being, you should forgo too much weight bearing exercise. Is the buckling to the point of falling or just a stumble?
Do you have access to a pool? Deep water walking/running can provide a very good workout.

Okay, thanks you two. No, it doesn’t make me stumble or fall, just kind of dip as I realize it’s sort of giving out. Then I take the next step and all is normal. They also always feels weak. And no, no pool, but my folks have one in the next county. I’ll try giving that a shot during the summer to see if I can make them stronger. Appreciate all the help.

Any medicine changes? I found out unfortunately that one of the effects caused by lithium toxicity (caused by taking way too much naproxen with it - prescribed by my doc) was weakness in my legs. In about 4 days I went from normal walking to considering taking out my old cane because my legs were so weak.

I walk about 4 to 5 miles a day. My knees sometimes give me trouble (pain going up stairs, buckling going down stairs). These problems always go away when I exercise the quadriceps. I will start out small by getting a thick book, setting it on the floor and stepping up on it. Do three sets of 5, then 10 (and so on). I add another book, then graduate to a small stool. Balance this by doing leg lifts from a seated position. I do this all the time now and I have added leg weights. Progress slowly.

Another, even easier way to start is by using an exercise call dancing kneecaps (just google it).

I am not a medical professional and this may not help you, but it works wonders for me. If it makes it worse, just stop it.

No medicine changes, Sticks and Scones, but I am under an enormous amount of stress, which leads to me having really intense migraines. As such, I’ve been taking lots sand lots of OTC migraine pills to stop them. I know they’re comparable to Execdrin Maximum strength and have caffein in them, but I’m not sure what else. So, maybe that’s contributing to the problem? They sure have coincided time wise.

And ethelbert, that definitely sounds easy and doable. If nothing else, I need to start building up the strength in my legs anyway, so that’d be a simple start. Thanks.

Much obliged everyone. At least I have a jumping off from place now.

Therefore at a high risk for diabetes. Vital to be checked for anything like that.

I appreciate your concern, but as of my most recent doctor’s visit at the end of last year, still no diabetes.