Bud Lite shite (mud)

why does abundant alcohol consumption give one the runs? It seems as if alcohol should be dehydrating all over. It dries my mouth out, the urine is dark and concentrated, there’s the headache, everything.

Sometimes I think the booze sucks the water out of every other part of the body and transplants it directly to my colon.


Your body requires 4 molecules of water to oxidize one molecule of alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic (causes you to shed water.) Thus you need to drink more water than beer to get back into balance. If you are drinking enough beer to cause the runs, it may be because your chemistry is severely out of balance. Drinking more water while you’re getting drunk might help, but not drinking that much alcohol would be better.

Ahhhh, nothing like shitting water at around 2:00 pm to add insult to injury after a hard night’s drinking!

He he he, brings back fuzzy memories. Don’t know why it happens though.