Bud Selig's long game

I just can’t get used to the fact that the Houston Astros are now an American League club. It just seems so wrong. And it seems wrong that the leagues ave odd numbers of miners now.

It occurred to me that the last 15-20 years of change to the major leagues – interleague play. Expansion, realignment, wild cards --might all just be flotsam and jetsam on Bud Selig’s 50-year long con to get Milwaukee a National League team.

Watch next how he’ll get the Braves nickname back from Atlanta. Might take him another 50 years, but I’m sure he 's got a plan.

Uh…you might want to check a newspaper that’s come out since 1998.

Ummm, wooosh?

I can only hope so.

1998 was just step … two (maybe three) … of the plan. It wasn’t complete until Houston got moved to the A.L. Until then, there was always the possibility that it might be Milwaukee that goes back.

I think it’s strange that MLB would use miners to begin with. Each stadium only needs a single diamond, so you think the various clubs could just contract out to DeBeers or something instead of employing their own team of miners.

If it seems odd to you that each league now has an odd number of teams, wouldn’t it be more likely to you now that the Brewers would move back to the AL to even up both leagues than before when it was 15-15.

Also when Milwaukee moved, the KC Royals were given the option to move first and declined. I think pretty much no team wanted to move and the Brewers moving seemed least coercive due to Selig’s connection and the fact Milwaukee had been an NL city.