Buddy, can you spare a Guilder ?

I’ll be going back to Amsterdam soon and I found a 50 Guilder note from my last visit three years ago. Enter the Euro. Is my note just a pretty piece of paper now or is there any value left ?

From this page:

By the looks, you should be able to get something for your guilders.

You’ve still got time:

Question 7
For how long will I be able exchange guilder notes and coins for euro?

Up to 1 April 2002, banks will exchange guilder notes and coins free of charge. For the rest of 2002, banks will continue to exchange guilders, but they may charge a fee.

The Nederlandsche Bank will exchange guilder coins at no charge up to 31 December 2006, and guilder banknotes up to 31 December 2031. The usual conditions continue to apply. From 2003, the Bank will verify that the guilders could not have been exchanged at an earlier time. And persons wishing to exchange guilders will have to identify themselves.

I know that in Ireland anyway, after the euro changeover you could only change old notes to euro in The Central Bank in Dublin, not in any old bank in any town.

While I have a feeling that I read somewhere that the same thing would be true for all the member states, I have no cite, sorry.

I’ve got my wedding to plan, my wife to murder, Guilder to frame for it…

Hands up who else saw this one coming a league away?

Thanks for the replies. Now I have a new problem …
A wedding, a murder… WTF ?
Did I set someone up and didn’t know it ?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Watch The Princess Bride sometime.