Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Sauce

Okay, I love hot wings. If I’m ever at Buffalo Wild Wings, I’ll get the 2nd hottest sauce, which is just right. The blazin’ sauce, however, is simply too hot.

I’d love to make some wings for the Superbowl. I’m no chef, of course, and am wondering what anyone would recommend mixing this sauce with to tone it down, but not ruin it?


:mad: = too hot
:rolleyes: = too mild
:slight_smile: what I want :smiley:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had this particular sauce, but I loves me some spicy wing sauce. However, I’ve always found that most wing sauces are too vinegary for my taste and just lack a certain “roundness”, so my solution is to always request a mix. I usually order the hottest sauce they have mixed with their version of barbecue wing sauce. I’ve always found the sweetness from the barbecue sauce tends to mellow the vinegar and spice a little bit. You still get the heat, but it is rounded out of the vinegar and affects a whole new part of the toungue- it somehow seems more “even” on the tongue.

So, essentially if the sauce is very spicy and peppery, I would suggest some source of sugar to mantain the heat, but simulataneously “cut” it to a more tolerable mouthfeel. Barbecue sauce works fine for me, but maybe a tablespoon of some type of Fruit Jam or Jelly added to the Blazin’ sauce might be more interesting

Mmm, yeah, I can see this. I might have to experiment tomorrow with some various items until I get something I can go with!

On a recent trip to Buffalo, NY I found out that Jim’s Steakout cuts their sauce with butter to bring it down a notch.

High calorie? Yes
Delicious? Yes x10

OK, the classic buffalo wing sauce is equal parts melted butter and Franks Red Hot sauce. I personally make it with the cheap hot sauce from Aldi, real butter, a smidgeon of brown sugar and a few drops of Tobasco to taste. If I had to guess at the amounts, I say 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup hot sauce, 1 Tablespoon brown sugar and start with 3 drops of Tobasco and work your way to where you like it.

I think I got it out of Cook’s Illustrated, but I’m not sure. Anyhow, it’s perfect - the brown sugar rounds out the flavor, and using Tobasco it’s easy to customize to heat preference.

I am sure I have missed something here, but if you like “Wild” sauce and don’t like the “Blazin” sauce, then why don’t you buy the “Wild” sauce instead of the “Blazin” sauce? Like I said, I sure there is a crutial detail I have missed.

But yes, wing sauce is basically a mix of hotsauce and butter. You can see on the BW3’s* website that you reference that they have something called “Mango Habanero”. This plays right into what devilsknew was talking about - balancing out the tart of the vinegar with something sweet. I would personally try a juice like pineapple, mango, orange, passionfruit etc.

*Fun Fact: I don’t think the corporation acknowledges any reference to BW3 anymore but back in the day that is what they were called. It stood for Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck. And what the heck is weck? It is a specific kind of bread. The following comes from here. It turns out that Buffalo, NY was famous for 'Beef on Weck sandwiches before they invented wings.

Tabasco. T-A-basco. Sorry for the hijack, that spelling just drove me batty. Not really sure why.

So to the OP - to clarify, are you making your own wing sauce or simply cutting the BW3 sauce? (And thanks, stinky, I thought that was BW3, but I couldn’t tell - why did they change such a great nickname?!)

If you’re making your own, I like WhyNot’s recipe. I do something similar with Franks, butter, and whatever spice happens to jump out at me at the time.

If you’re just cutting it, you could try mixing in honey, lemon, Worchestershire sauce, more butter (as noted above) or water it down with some beer. [on edit — I mean that you could try ONE of these options - no need to make Frankenwings!]

I’ll second that. The Blazin’ sauce is like getting maced in the mouth. If you like the second hottest sauce (Wild, I think), you could always go to BWW and buy some.

Because they don’t sell Weck. In fact, even “back in the day” the “weck” part of the name was an obscure fact. It was just simply BW3’s with no weck to be found. They must have sold weck only a long time ago.

I’m so sorry. Eye humblee appologize four teh inconvenence. :stuck_out_tongue:
(No, really, I do. I’m not sure what happened there, much less how it happened thrice.)

My usual order is 6 Blazin’, 6 Hot BBQ, and 6 others…wild card there. Usually a sweeter sauce.

I don’t know if it’s me or what but sometimes the Blazin’ is much spicier than other times. I’m not sure if it’s the age or if maybe some batches are hotter than others or what.
It’ll always be BW3’s to me and my wing buddies.

You are correct, I left out an important detail – the Blazin’ sauce was given to me for my birthday (almost one year ago). I feel it’s being wasted just sitting there in the fridge, and thought I’d see if I could tone it down with some ordinary household kitchen items!

Great info on BW3’s. I never knew that!

I have a can of pineapple rings in my cupboard. That really sounds like a good idea – perhaps with a touch of brown sugar?

Thanks for all your input minions!

I live near Buffalo and had 2 beef on weck’s for lunch yesterday, so let me chime in.

Fruit, are you people kidding me? Save that goofy stuff for other foodgroups, not on wings dammit! :wink: Brown sugar, tobasco and Worchestershire can be interesting, just don’t call them Buffalo wings when you are done m’kay.

Frank’s hot sauce and butter is the classic recipe. Make your wings, put the sauce in a bowl with a lid. Add wings and shake like hell. More or less Franks will change the intensity. Margerine will change the taste, not good or bad, just different.

Purists might insist that Buffalo wing sauce is cut with margarine, not butter. This is, in fact, the way I do it as well, and is the only time in my cooking I use margarine because it creates a better consistency of sauce. The classic recipe is Franks + margarine = wing sauce.

Personally, to kick it up, I would just put in a some Dave’s Insanity or some other “extreme” extract-based sauce, because anything really hot (like habanero sauce) would alter the flavor a little too much in my opinion. With Dave’s (or Wanza or whatnot), you’re mostly adding heat without affecting flavor too much.

I don’t know that that is the road you want to take. Those canned pineapples are usually packed in heavy syrup. That would make it to sweet, and I don’t think you want to use the fruit itself. You want to use something that will mix with the sauce and make a liquid less hot than when you started. Just add some juice, the type you would drink, until it is the right heat level/sweetness. If you use pineapple juice (you can usually find single cans of this in the international aisle of your grocery store), then you could use your canned pineapples to make a side dish that would tie in with the wings. You may want to experiment a little ahead of time. Good luck.

Here’s my take on a very spicy but sweet wing. It’s All-American and from the Heartland.

The Amish do spicy-sweet very well, it’s without great offense. Swiss sensibilities, I think.

Amish Hühner Flügel

10 bare and baked or deep fried and breaded chicken wings
1/4 cup of BW3’s Blazin Sauce
1/4 cup Amish Apple/Peach/Pumpkin/Sweet Potato/and or Pear Butter
4 Tablespoons of Amish Hot Pepper Relish
Generous dollop of Real Sweet Cream Butter

Toss to batch in combine.

I would just add a tablespoon or two or grape jelly. I know it sounds weird, but try it!


I’ve always thought that Buffalo Wild’s Mango Habanero sauce would fit more or less what you’re looking for…a lot of heat with a nice sweet flavor of mango to cut through and add to the overall experience.