Buffy: The Kuiper Belt Object

And I thought “Xena” was a bad name for a celestial object.

Wonder how it got where it is?

Xena isn’t a bad name, and ultimately folk won’t associate that with warrior princesses etc, IMO. But Buffy? Much as I liked the series, I hope that really is only temporary.

Ditto. I mean, come on.

Why would they call it Buffy, anyways?

Maybe 'cause it’s something small, drifting about in the darkness … here’s hoping they don’t apply the name “Spike” to the next one they find.

The only way they should use Spike is referencing Spike Spiegel.

What about Spike Jones (the band leader)?

Just as long as it doesn’t cross orbit and get snuggly with Buffy, hopefully there’d be no confusion.


“And as they approach the Oort Cloud, Halley’s is trying to catch the Bus with Swift-Tuttle slow and steady and Toothpaste being squeezed out along the rail…”

An unusually small body? It could’ve been worse. Asteroid Lindsey Lohan anyone?

Nah, Lindsey’s filled out again after all those feedlinsey.com websites appeared.

Astronomers really need to start working on their social life.

IIRC, astronomy has the highest number of females in it of any profession (outside of the world’s oldest, of course), so I guess the astronomy chicks are all banging football players or something.

:: science-fiction-fan gasp ::
Man, did I choose the wrong career…

Slight correction to my comment.

Still, that’s a pretty good number if you’re a guy.