Buffy the Vampire slayer returning to TV (a reboot, though)

Buffy to be rebooted.

Sounds like Joss is involved, but not writing the scripts or showrunning it.

Hard pass. So hard. This is automatically getting filed with the sequel to “Highlander” and midichlorians.

The article sounds like it could be a sequel and not a reboot. A reboot sounds like a bad idea, a sequel could be interesting and it would potentially allow guest spots from everyone’s favorite witch perhaps.

Agreed. I hate the way people seem to misuse the word reboot these days. The description talks about furthering the lore, which heavily implies that it’s set in the same universe and timeline as the original.

That said, the previous show ended with all potential Slayers being activated, including some Slayers being activated when they turned of age. So, unless there are tons of Slayers out there, or a huge Slayer massacre and the spell undone, I’m not sure how this would fit.

I can’t see any reason for a “hard pass.” If they’d described changes that would make it worse, I could see it, but I don’t see it. I don’t see how you can judge it as being a bad sequel before you’ve seen it.

Fox 21 TV Studios.

I love all of Whedon’s creative works, but for the involvement of this company alone, pass.

Yay if new characters in the same continuity. Nay if proper reboot.

There is a canonical continuation of the show in comic form that deals with a world with multiple slayers. The comics are of varied quality, but they show that the universe can still make sense with tons of slayers.

With that many slayers out there, wouldn’t the vamps become an endangered “species”?

I thought untrained Slayers working on their own had a fairly low life expectancy? Buffy did so well (besides plot armor) as she had the Scoobies help her as she learned.

The original show explored every conceivable plot. Really, they beat the premise to death.

It ran at least 2 seasons too long.

Maybe if they can recapture the feel of the early seasons? Remember the scoobies hanging out at The Bronze? The wonderful and original music? It was a hip show at the time.

The show lost that magic in later seasons.

They have to recreate a new scobby gang and make the characters hip and relevant for todays audience. Focus on teen culture and create original music.

Don’t get too serious and depressing like the original did in the later seasons.

Ugh. Why not a Fray series instead? Or another different slayer in the past or future?

It looks like it will be just that - a future slayer. Not the far future, to be sure. But not of Buffy’s era. Contemporary (2019+).

Still going to be a hard pass from me.