If you saw the episode last night you may remember that in Buffy’s dream there was a little girl holding the box and singing a song. Is it a real song? It sounds very familier to me but I can’t think of where it came from, or if it came from something else.

It reminded me of the little rope-jumping girls in A Nightmare On Elm Street. Their song was a close match, cadence- and tune-wise:

“One, two
Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four
Better shut the door
Five, six
Grab your crucifix . . .”

And the “Gentlemen” were straight out of Dark City and Hellraiser. The writers on that show often let their influences show a little too clearly.

“It’s my considered opinion you’re all a bunch of sissies!”–Paul’s Grandfather

Still they were hella cool monsters. I loved last nights show. Excellent way to kill someone, steal their voice so you can not hear them scream as you rip their hearts out. Plus they were way freaky looking hovering toward their victims.

I think the two important things of the episode were;

  1. The silence was not just a gimmick. It added to the story.

  2. The actors can act silent very well. My opinion of all their acting abilities went up dramatically.

Also, I think this episode is why Seth Green wandered off (hopefully temporarily). Put Oz in the episode and he’s out, oh, two syllables.


Squeaks from BrainWeasel’s Cage

Maybe I watch all the wrong shows, but this may have been the best hour of television I’ve seen all year.

Good acting. Humor. Really creepy monsters.
And a great fade-out scene.