Bug bombed now son sick, HELP

Bug bombed my sons room about 4 days ago, just his room. Didn’t cover anything as he usually sleeps on the couch. (He’s 11 and hates sleeping upstairs. Our room is down) he slept in his bed last night after putting clean sheets on his bed and today is queezy and has a major headache and dizzy. Coincidence? I think not. What do I do? Doctor? HELP!

Why is this even a question?

Take the kid to the doctor!

Is there an emergency phone number on the bug bomb container? Any instructions on there? How about calling 911 and describing the situation? Going to an emergency room if close by?

Medical advice is best suited to IMHO.

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And this is the only possible valid advice. You need to consult a medical professional rather than random people on a message board.

Your son is sick, and your first thought is to register on a message board, wait for confirmation, then post two different threads about it??

Take your son to the doctor, and take the can with you if you still have it.

There’s a lot of crud going around right now in some areas, but this is not something you want to mess around with. Are you ill as well and not mentioning it here?

She bug-bombed a single room upstairs without bothering to cover anything. One wonders how much of that drifted downstairs, even if it was possible to to properly seal the room in the first place. Try to imagine that stuff drifting down through the ventilation and/or floorboards.

Not to mention, who bug bombs a single room? That just drives the bugs into the rest of the building.

Yes, I know that’s not the point, but still.

Also, four days is a pretty big interval. Unless the door and windows to the room have been closed the whole time, it’s probably either a coincidence or the power of suggestion.

However, if this were my son, we would have been to the doctor already. Heck, we would have checked into an hotel the night we bug bombed, and then the next night, when the house aired out.

I understand why they didn’t want to cover anything-- you don’t want to provide any hiding places for the bugs. I was in an apartment that had roaches, once, and I bombed. I boarded my cat, and stayed at a friend’s for two days, then I went back, and cleaned everything, and sealed every single crack and crevice in the very old walls (but put Borax in the spaces first). I got rid of the bugs that way. Actually, I couldn’t believe how well it worked. But after the bombing, I washed every dish, had sealed all food containers in Zip-lock bags, and threw them all away, washed every stitch of laundry, washed down all the furniture, tchotchkes, etc., before I brought the cat back.

People told me I could have set up fans and just aired the place out for a few days, and stuck to washing the dishes and laundry, but I wanted to get back in ASAP.