Bug Bombing House's Crawlspace

Okay, so there’s some major work I need to do in the crawlspace beneath our house. It’s about two or three feet high. The major obstical is the amount of spiders down there… and not wanting to be bitten, I was looking for a way to get rid of them and was thinking of one of those bug bombs or misters or whatever they’re called. Would it be a bad idea to use it in such a small space? Are there any better alternatives (besides trying to spray them one by one with Raid or something)?

I threw 3 of them in my crawl space a few months ago. I blocked off all the vents, set them off and left the house for the afternoon. We were having a problem with little brown ants everywhere in the house and I found over 20 nests of them in my crawl space. I haven’t had a problem with ants since and I am sure it did a number on any other creepy crawlies down there.

I read a news story several years ago about someone having set off several of them in a cellar, all at the same time, and at that time (and maybe still) they used propane as a propellant. The gas hit a gas stove pilot light flame or a spark and the house blew up.

Sorry no cite, but might be googleable.

The Mythbusters covered this one. While it is possible, it’s unlikely. Still, precautions should be taken: turn off all gas pilot lights, for example. Best bet: read the directions.

Had One for over 20 yrs now
I Bomb Mine 2x a Year > Spring and Early Fall

> But, I HIRED Professional Services the 1st Time and watch how each did it and then have done on my own every 4 out of 5 yrs… I hire them 1 out of every 5 yrs … hiring ave of 3 different Services, Ave $100-$150 cost for ea. = $300-$450!

>Wait for a Warmer and Sunny Day ( 70’s) and not on a Cold or Hot Humid day !

>Materials: 2 cans Bug Bomb, Air Mask , Gloves, Extension Pole

1- Close up Crawl Space Vents ( Even can use Plastic over them Temporarially)
2- Make sure your Furnace is off ( See why 70’s outside! )
3- Open Windows in your home and add Window Fans & Doors
4- Or can use just the FAN On for your Blow Fan on your Furnance/A/C.
5- Get a 2 pack of Bug Bomb from Hardware or Big Box Store or Wal Mart
6- You need to Try to get the Bombs in each end of the Crawl Space if you can
7- I use a 10 ft long Extension Pole for mine
8-Others may have a Access Door in their Floor to their Crawl Space ( If not, may want to Install One ) at the Other end of the House… I have one in mine… In one of my Closets-Floor
9-Set off Bombs, close up Access door to Crawl space
10- Turn on Fans in the House ( or that Blower Fan Motor on your furnance.

Leave the home for min 1 Hour !
After returning- Leave Winds/Doors Open and Window fans On for at least another 1-2 Hours just to be sure !

Prevention/Defense is Best , don’t wait until you Get these problems!

I also Use Ant & Spider Bait Around the Inside and Outside of the House Foundation area’s ( Baby Powder or even Baking Soda Works as well) … and along the Baseboard of the floors 2x a yr and vacum up after a week …

1st time :

If You have Just Dirt in your crawl space? Add Gravel and HD 2-4 mill, Plastic On top of it ! and another Layer of Pea Gravel ontop of the plastic… and Insulate the Walls with 1-2" of HD Foam Board , glue on with Liquid Nails! If Your Heating duct in Crawl Space? Use tubes of Silicone Sealer and 1/2" Foam Panels on the Ducts! Liquid Nails Glue on Foam Panels , Don’t use Duct Tape! Won’t last !

If Live in South with High Humidity? Install a Portable Humidifier with a drain Line to hook up a Hose to Drain water and add a timer to go on at least 2 hrs every day in the summer season. ! Max Humidity SB only 20-30% buy a cheap Humidity Gauge for $5 to monitor. ( Or Hire a HVAC service to set it up for you )

and I also Use Mice Traps - 1-4 in the crawl Space and 2 in Garage - Replace every Spring and Fall …I don’t wait Until I Get Mice!

Doing Inside of House: I also do the same to my Home in Late Spring- but cover Furniture, Food, Remove any House Plants and close it up for 1 hour… Then Air out the House for at least 3-4 hrs ! 1 Open Window for each Bedroom and 2 for larger rooms with Furnance Blower On and window fans if have them…

Wipe down all Furniture, Cabinets, Floors and If can, with a Cleaner, Steam Clean Carpeting…( Or hire Service to Clean Carpeting) and Clean Air Ducts- Use at least a 5-7 ft long Flexible Hose for your Vacum Cleaner or WET/Dry Vac. ( Or Hire Duct Cleaning Service to do it )

Spray your Furnace Filters with Lysol spray when you change them with New Filters! Spiders hate Lysol in the ducts! ( Or Spray with Bug Spray! Goes away after 1 day )

Ant/Spider & Mice traps in the Garage and Storeage shed is also a Must! R&R every 3 mos… and Spray All Door Entry Threasholds every Month in Summer ! with Anykind of Bug Spray…

Use Ant Killer Bait In your Yards and Garden too !

If have alot of Ants ( or Major Ant Hilles) In or around the house & yard? Hire a Pro Service 1st time, watch how they do it and then you do it thereafter…

Have Fune!

Or, a strong spray of water from a hose would knock out crawlspace spiders.

Unfortunately this advice comes too late for Skott, who was eaten a decade ago. :frowning: