Bug in Lego Star Wars?

In Lego Star Wars, I’m playing Episode I The Phantom Menace, and I’m on Chapter 5, which is Retaking Theed Palace. I’m to the point where after destroying the 3 statues, I’m supposed to go into the hangar.

However, when I walk down the hallway from where the middle statue was, I’ll go right to enter the next area, but then the game immediately kicks me back to the entrance hallway. It does this no matter which character I enter that area with.

Is the game bugged, or have I missed something? I’ve destroyed everything I can, turned on all of the lights, and gotten to all of the areas that I’m able to get to. I’ve looked at several walkthroughs, but none of them mention any problems getting to the hangar.



What platform are you playing on? One of the testers for that games is on the board, maybe he can help. I think it is Miller IIRC.

I guess that little bit of information would be helpful.

I’m playing it for PC. It’s a fun game. I just can’t get past this part.


For Lego Star Wars 2, I’ve found that the disc starts to skip on Episode 6’s Super Story mode. Next time I play through it, I’ll try ejecting the disc and feeding it back in to see if that fixes the problem.

A very annoying bug, as that’s the only thing keeping me from collecting all 99 golden bricks.

Not quite related to the OP, but Lego Star Wars 2 for the Nintendo DS is so buggy that no one should buy it. The game was released with known problems just to meet Lucasfilm’s release date for the Star Wars original trilogy DVDs.