bugs and germs getting worse

Have you ever got annoyed that when you go to the local doctor for say something minor and you leave with a cold or a bad virus…evrybody is there coughing and spluttering in to the waiting room…I have an answer…When a patient gets to the front door of the waiting room there is a large sign…"If you have a cold or the flu then you must put on a disposable mask (located outside the door with instructions)…what do ya think…from here you could get carried away and other public places such as libraries movie theatres a similar sign should be displayedy…good idea?i:eek:

I think if you are going to be that paranoid that you should probably buy your own mask to where whenever you want.

You must’ve grown up in a house with no pets or dust.

I’m not sure it would make that big of a difference anyhow, necessarily.

For one thing, those disposable masks are not designed to filter germs or viruses. The N95 masks are only designed to filter particulates like dust or mists. Furthermore, they can’t ensure a proper seal around the face at the best of times. For total protection, you’d require the full bio-suit complete with full-face respiratory mask with air pack. And men must be beardless, shaven as closely as possible, to ensure a proper seal for any respiratory mask. (No guarantees even so, of course)

Also, we carry germs & viruses on our hands as well. Think about any door handle, countertop, coins, &tc that you might handle in the course of a day, or even a few hours. They’re likely crawling.

If you touch something germy, and then put your hands on your face, you’ve just transferred germs. Then it’s pretty much up to your immune system whether you’re wearing a mask or not.

Personally, my money’s on my immune system.

The thing is, ian dieudonne, once you have gotten to the coughing and sneezing stage, your period of peak contagion has likely already passed. It’s the ones that appear healthy you have to be wary of. :wink:

However, it’s the staff itself that I have always caught stuff from. Three, yes three times I have gone into the hospital for non-infectious stuff, and ended up having to stay an extre three to five days because I caught the flu from a staff member!

Why would you stay in the hospital for the flu? Women who just gave birth don’t even get that much time these days. A 10 minute visit is sufficient enough for a flu. And don’t take the antibiotics!

Well, because I have type 1 diabetes and asthma. And who said I was giving birth? :confused:

Understood, sorry I didn’t know you had other stuff going on.

I didn’t say you were giving birth, I just meant that women who just gave birth don’t even get that much bed time in a hospital anymore. That’s all.

Thanks guys for your posotive feed back…tell me why then do the japanese wear masks when they have a cold…do you think they are paranoid or is it because they are courteous of others…something to ponder…cysoon