Bugs and pain

My question is…do insects feel pain? We’re all pretty gung-ho about squashing bugs and spraying flies with some Baygon, but would be be so nonchalant if we could hear their screams?

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[sub]WAG here.[/sub]

Yes, but I suspect that we would call them “little whiny blood-sucking sons o’ bitches” instead of “bugs”.

Sure, bugs can feel pain. Try torturing them sometime and watch them freak out. Put a magnifying glass over an ant walking around and it will go nuts trying to get away. I won’t describe any more ways to inflict pain on insects because as silly as it may sound, that’s just cruel (except on those evil bugs like hornets and earwigs:D). I think just about any organism can feel pain on some level; it’s neccesary for survival… ya gotta know when yer damaged and when to get the hell out of a situation - same as with us.