Bugs Bunny and racist cartoons

I haven’t seen most of the “cansored” cartoons listed. But Cartoon Network did do a program once on those cartoons, with clips from some. They also showed, and I recorded, “Herr Meets Hare” That one was likely selected because most folks wouldn’t object to a mocking portrayal of Herman Goering.

It is interesting for two special reasons. It features Bugs Bunny’s first "taking the wrong turn at “Albakoiky” scene. He ends up in the Black Forest, where Goering is hunting.

Goering and Bugs do an operatic scene that is a first version of the whole cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?” Bugs is Brunhilde, there’s the fat horse, and the same music of course.

That Cartoon Network program also included a full version of a wartime cartoon called “Gremlins from the Kremlin”

I once recorded “Frigid Hare” and was glad to get it, being surprised it was shown. That was in the late 90’s.

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These cartoons seem to be available on YouTube … as well as the Heckle and Jeckle cartoons from the Terrytoon company … really violent stuff so beware NSFW …

Warner brothers can do whatever they want with their cartoons, of course. Considering the fact that Family Guy regularly features racist humor, the whole thing seems pretty ridiculous.

The worst one from WB is probably Clean Pastures. (Although I think that Scrub Me Mamma With a Boogie Beat by Walter Lanz Productions has it beat for sheer stereotyping.

Weeeelllll I am probably going straight to Hell in a handcar, but:

“Ima haveta burn mah boots, they tetched yankee soil!”

“Look me up at my Gettysburg Address”

And while the Southern General is being made out to be a fool, at the same time, I have to laugh at how The North is depicted as a dry barren landscape while The South is lush and green.

And they even “correctly” called it The War Between The States, too!

I apologize if my previous post was off topic. I didn’t realize this should be limited to WWII.

Nevermind & carry on.

Bugs: “The War Between the States ended almost 90 years ago!”
Sam: “I’m no clock watcher!

I don’t consider mocking Nazis as being “racist”. It was a common thing to do in that time period. The Three Stooges did it in several of their episodes. Moe, with an abbreviated moustache, definitely resembled Hitler. LoL

Isn’t that the one that ended with Bugs doing his Stalin-esque “Does your tobacco taste different lately?” bit?

Gremlin: “Sorry folks – ran outta gas!”
Bugs: “Yeaaahhh – you know how it is with these ‘A’ cards!” :smiley:

Edit: My bad: that’s a different cartoon with a Gremlin. NM.

The most racist stuff was reserved for the Japanese. If you ever see the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Nip The Nips” you’ll see what I mean.

“It ain’t Vendell Vilkie!”

Yeah. I think it’s that Germans didn’t really look all that difference, so it was easier to separate it out as going after Nazis. But we just went full on racist with our depictions of the Japanese.

It’s not like we don’t still make fun of Nazis. But, while there’s still some “weaboo” talk for people who only superficially like Japan due to anime tropes, the racist stuff from back then seems to be mostly gone in today’s stuff.

Found it on YouTube! I’ll have to wait until my boss goes to lunch before I can watch it, though. LoL

My boss had a meeting, so I got to watch it early.

The important point to me is that it was made in 1944 during the heart of the war. Considering the fact that we endured the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Bataan death march at the hands of the Japanese, I thought it relatively mild.

Whether or not wartime events justify or validate dehumanizing the enemy through racial caricature is certainly GD territory. “Relatively mild” racism for 1944 remains nonetheless racist as hell, and is more an indictment of the time than absolution for the 'toon.