Bugs in ears

Reading about bugs in ears in the latest classics feature–

& it stirs a small memory: had read a poem by the writer Iain Sinclair, “Kristallnacht” (to be found in his selected poems, flesh eggs & scalp metal–great title) with a particularly unnerving quotation concerning the painter Soutine as an epigraph: “when Soutine finally consulted an ear specialist about this terrible earache, in the canal of the painter’s ear the doctor discovered, not an abscess but a nest of bedbugs”. So, ok, now you can worry not just about cockroaches and earwigs but bedbugs (and not forgetting those icky dust mites). --N

is mandarin”

–Tom Raworth

And * my * family wonders why I have insomnia problems!! I can scarcely think of sleep when I have to keep flailing my arms around fending off attacks from the insect world! eeewwwyuck! :mad:

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Mal relinquishes his SDMB virginity to state:

It happened to me. Only it wasn’t a roach or a bedbug, but a local native we call a Christmas beetle.

The little bastards burrow into the ground at night, but this particular one mistook my eardrum for paydirt.

By the time I arrived at the hospital, there was blood coming out.

Eeeeeeewyuck is right. And let me tell you, it HURT.

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When I was living in Minnesota, I knew
a woman who got a woodtick in her ear.
It attached itself and started sucking
blood. By the time she knew it was in
there, she had to have a specialist
do minor surgery to get it out!

My dad, working the ER in a small clinic, once saw a teacher who came in after complaining of hearing loss and a strange “fluttering sensation.” Upon further examination, Dad discovered that the woman had a moth in her ear - it had flown in and gotten stuck, and was attempting to fly back out.

All together now…Eeeeeew. :eek:

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Oh mal!! Do you sleep with ear muffs on now?? Poor thing! It’s nice that you finally posted, on this buggy subject too!!


“Please Disregard the Following.”

Andrew Warinner

when i was a young dan (8 or so), a mosquito flew into my ear and started slurping. damned if i know what it was doing in there, but blood started pouring out of my ear, and as you said, it HURT. i can only imagine how blindingly awful it must have been to have something burrowing in your ear; that stupid little vampire was quite enough for me.

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