Bugs in the Attic that Bite You?

So I have been crawling around in the attic the last few days, starting to remove the stuff I have stored up there and picked up bug bites which look ugly but don’t sting/itch at all and wonder what they could be? I live in the Midwest. Spiders? Anything else? Any dangers?


Is there fiberglass insulation? Everytime I am in the attic I end up with little cuts or irritations regardless if I touch the insulation or not. I think that cardboard boxes + dust also have a drying irritating effect.

This was going to be my guess as well. Crawling around fiberglass is a great way to pick up micro-cuts. The lack of itching threw me off because mine itch like crazy.

So you haven’t actually seen any bugs, just the bites (or whatever they are)? If that’s the case, I’d probably go with the fiberglass theory as well.

Fourthing on the fiberglass theory!

Bugs in the Attic
They Bite You
Bugs in the Attic
They Bite You
Bugs in the Attic
They Bite You
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Up darkest attic

The past things become the now.

Arm has paid the price.

Don’t play in attics!

I was really hoping someone would suggest At-Ticks.

I went to the doctor for a regular checkup the other day. His opinion was that it was a brown recluse spider. [I had a fairly minor reaction–compared to the symptoms some people get.]