Buh-bye (or, thank you again, David B)

I was going to post this in this thread here, but it has been closed. Not sure why. Guess the Powers That Be don’t like it when a Mod gets deservedly bitch-slapped.

David B acts… oh, the hell with it. He is, has been, and likely will continue to be, a first class asshole, with major jerk-itis inclications.

Being a mod for some people on some boards? Little power trips for very little people.

In his defense, he says:

In other words: I have more posts than you, so shut the fuck up. I am an ALMIGHTY MOD, which means I can say whatever I want, so shut the fuck up.

What a great example he is for us lowly posters!

Go ahead and ban me as well, asshole.

Because I won’t be posting here again either.

You had me until the last two sentences. <sigh> It must be lonely up on that cross, eh?

It was closed because the OP asked for it to be. Otherwise, as I stated there, I agree that DavidB instigated the jerkishness, as he is wont to do.

I closed the thread in question at the request of the OP.

I’m closing this one because everything that needs to be said on this issue has been said.

And let me note that abuse of the staff is not tolerated on this site.

your humble TubaDiva