Buick LaCrosse renamed for Canada... true?

A friend pointed out this news story from last year: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3208501.stm

Is this true, or more “Mi Chevy no va” type bulldust?

I’ve searched the board for LaCrosse anbd couldn’t find this discussed. Googling brings up similar stories from other news sites of varying degrees of respectability, but nothing particularly verifiable.

I don’t know about Buick but, yes, it’s true that in Quebec French slang, the verb crosser isn’t a very “pretty” word.

In the reflective, se crosser, it can indeed mean, ah, to “pleasure oneself”. However, it’s a very coarse way of saying it. You might find it used often in the figurative: “arrête de te crosser!” (“Will you stop jacking off?”)

It can also mean “to swindle”. As a matter of fact IME, that might be the most common use. “Je me suis fait crosser” = “I’ve been had”. Usually this is used in relation with scammers, swindlers liars and less than honest merchants. “Crosseur” is what you would call these people and “une crosse” might be what they pulled on you.

I really want to emphasise again that this is not a pretty word.

Obviously with these connotations, that, in Quebec, trump all other meanings of the word, any commercial product with such a word in it would be the immediate object of shame and derision.