Build off the EXACT song title word

Also : only from the genres: prog, psych,heavy/hard,pop,popsike.
NO country, crooner-shit, soundtracks.
You can use lp titles.

Also ,in brackets, please indicate source (artist).

Here goes then:
CLOUDS and CLOWNS (Hoelderlin)

(You must build-off either the words “clouds” or “clowns”. In this case must be plural. For instance, Clown (The Flock) would not be accepted.

Send in the CLOWNS

SEND Me An Angel (Real Life)

Azrael (ANGEL of Death) (The Nice)

“The Black Angel’s DEATH Song” (The Velvet Underground)

“SONG Cycle” (Van Dyke Parks)

“Sick CYCLE Carousel” (Lifehouse)

“On a carousel” (Hollies)

“Life in A Day” (Simple Minds)


How so?

Song or lp title.

You built-offa band name.

No, I played off the “a” in “On a Carousel”

fuck off then.

You’re receiving a warning for personal insults. Don’t tell someone to fuck off. Please review the rules for posting on the board. Thanks.

Resurrecting this thread, with the following changes. All genres accepted, none of this elitist BS. All song titles in English. Album titles only if an acceptable song title can’t be found. And a and the are not to be used to link song titles. So, continuing from On a Carousel…

On a Clear Day - Barbara Streisand

Day By Day - Godspell soundtrack

DayDREAM Believer - Monkees

Dream A LITTLE Dream Of Me - Mama Cass Elliott

Little QUEEN - Heart