Building made out of Water.

Has anyone heard about the building made out of water? I was sure I would find a thread about it.

However, I have no idea what to say about it except, whoa, dude. Your, like, building is so totally made out of water.

The best I could come up with for a GQ was, when you flush the toilet, does it go from a two story to a one story?

Ice Palace. Been around for centuries:

If you’d looked at the article, you’d see it’s not the Ice palace, but something else.

It sounds like a big roof on pistons and the way the water cascades from the roof forms the walls, etc…

Pretty neat!

eta: In addition, it’s got some sort of mechanism to change the flow of water to create doors when someone (or something, a ball in the article) approaches the wall…

We must at some point explain the meaning of “joke” to you.
The OP asked:“Has anyone heard of the building made out of water?”

Indeed, I have. So I replied, knowing fulll well that it answered the OP’s literal question and yet was not at all what he was asking.

Let’s see your Ice Palace do that!

The building to which the link in your OP refers is

(of if that is not what you are after, how about an igloo?)

Did you notice on the demo how that last lady had to scramble to get out before she was crushed by the descending ceiling?
“Welcome to the world of tomorrow” <splat> “no loitering!”

oooo! Cool link. Thanks Muffin. I guess they use streaming technology to generate the messages in the walls.

So it’s kind of like one of those umbrella type fountains you see at small childrens waterparks (like this) except really bigger.

It’s far from a house made of water. It only uses water, which is much different. Try this one out.

Matterhorn Glacier Palace

My house has had running water for years. And the roof hasn’t crushed anybody so far.

I thought they were called “igloos.”

Well, consider me whooshed. I thought you had come in, answered off the cuff and left.

I suppose I’ll have to have the pit thread I started about you closed now… <sigh>

It’s driving me nuts trying to remember where this was, but I’ve seen a fountain that used that “digital water technology.” I’m thinking it was in an airport, probably either Atlanta, Orlando, or Houston (the only out-of-town airports I’ve been to in the last year or so).

Anyway, the fountain was like a thin wall of falling water, with words appearing in it now and then: “WELCOME TO [NAME OF CITY],” or something like that. It was really neat; I remember the effect, but for some reason I can’t remember where it was…

Looks to me more like walls than an actual building…kind of a waterfall without a background behind it…

Am I missing something?? Why are they calling it a building?

Isn’t the water in this house transparent?

I don’t care if a shower is redundant, I’d never get undressed for one.

I saw something like that at one of the pavilions at the Toronto Auto Show this year.

Ice palace doors dissolve as you approach them. You just have to walk really, really slow.