building radar for my car

I was wondering if it would be economically feasible to build / buy a radar system in my car. i’m talking about the type of thing you see in movies tracking airplanes and stuff. the ones with the grid marks and such where you see the dots moving around as the objects move around. i just think it would be something really cool to stick on the dashboard of my car and watch all the cars on the screen as they go by at a light etc.

Two things:

First, in town or a city, you will get WAY too much scatter from trees, buildings, overhead lights, you name it. The screen will be all but inintelligable.

There’s a reason radars are used primarily in places where there’s not much else around; up in the sky and out on the water.

Second, microwave transmitters require permits, and in an area where all sorts of things, from cop cars to automatic doors use small emitters/detectors, you’ll have some difficulty getting the permit.

Do you realize that radar only works by line of sight? It can’t tell you what’s behind a big truck. The only advantages (compared to your naked eyes) is that radar can see through fog, and it can tell you the exact distance to things around you.

Get yourself a Ham radio license. With a Technician class license, no Morse code required, you would have access to legally operate in a band where RADAR is possible.