Bulge on Bush's Back?

What is that huge bulge on the President’s upper back that was noted on both of his debates with Sen. Kerry? I thought perhaps some bullet proof vest but I have no idea.

The alien parasite that controls him.

The stick up his ass is making a break for it.

Do you have a photo (I didn’t see the debate).

:rolleyes: to you two above me :wink:

It’s clearly some sort of secret time-looping device, because I swear I’d read all of these questions–and one-liners–before …

It’s the cocaine monkey on his back.
someone had to say it

He’s a hunchback. Like Richard III.

I’ll try to provide a factual answer. I haven’t seen a photo, but I believe it’s for the wireless battery pack and trasceiver for the lapel microphone.

In the wide angle photo shots of both debates I didn’t see any overhead boom microphones, and I don’t believe the candidates had microphones in front of them. Again, I haven’t seen photos, but if the candidates were wearing lapel microphones, a cord would have run from the microphone to the battery pack and transceiver which would have been clipped to his belt near his back.

This is from the NY Times: Mystery of the Bulge . (There’s a photo clearly showing a rectangular thing on the upper part of his back under his jacket.)

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