Bulimics Purging into Bags?

The Intervention thread referenced an episode in which a bulimic would purge into bags, put them all in a box, and then dump them.

Another thread about terrible smells contained a post by a bulimic (or former, or recovering) who had left a bag of vomit in the bathroom while she was on vacation.

What’s the reason for not just purging into the toilet and avoiding such nastyness? I can’t think of any reason whatsoever…and, if you did purge into a bag, why not immediately get rid of it?

Hope this isn’t offensive…I’m just honestly curious.


I’ve never purged, but I think the purpose of puking in bags was hiding it.

When you’re a bulimic, people start to notice you always head to the bathroom after meals.

You can puke undetected in a bedroom into a trashcan, then hide the bags until you can toss them without anyone seeing. All about secrecy.

I imagine that’s the reason. There was a made-for-TV movie starring Calista Flockhart as a bulimic- she threw up into Tupperware (and schooled a whole generation of viewers, including Christina Ricci, on how to go about having an ED).