Bull$**t or not?

I’ve just been laughing so hard it’s given me a headache. This morning started normally with me reading my email including a subscription to some comic strips we don’t have in the local rag. One of the strips included is *Ripley’s Believe It Or Not" which is probably more self flagellation than entertaiment but what the hell, it doesn’t cost extra. I expect there to be whoppers but today’s takes the cake. A truckdriver in Ohio has driven more than 15 million miles without an accident. “Believe it or not he drives 2,000 miles every week.” Okay, the 2,000 miles bit I believe, very reasonable for a trucker. But he’s have to do that for more than 144 years to hit 15 million miles. My bullshit meter finally pegged and I wrote an angry letter to the Ripley’s people for their lack of due dilligence. Don’t those people own a freaking calculator? If you don’t count the orbits that is the five times the distance to the moon and back travelled by every Apollo mission from 8 to 17. Don’t these people own a calculator?

The part that got me laughing was getting dressed. I put on my knit boxers as normal and notice they fit different, really good but I notice the legs are much longer… and there is no fly. “Honey, are these yours?” Uh huh. I check the label and they’re Just My Size brand. Huh. She said she didn’t like them so I could have them. So technically I’m wearing women’s underwear. It is supposed to be a turn on? I kind of feel like singing the Python Lumberjack song.

If he drove at 57 miles an hour, it would take him 262,800 hours to go 15 million miles. That’s 30 years of nothing but driving!

For those who must see to believe, here’s the strip in question.

My guess is that it’s a typo. It’s possible that he’s driven 1.5 million miles. That would have taken him about 14-15 years.

What is the most anyone could humanly manage over years? How about 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 60 mph? That’s extremely generous estimation. That works out 960 – let’s round it up to 1,000 miles per day. That means 15 thousand days. That’s about 41 years without a day off

I can imagine some deranged person coming close to this.

Until midnight anyway. This static link is better.

My dad has been a truckdriver for more than 25 years, and has over 2 million miles accident free.

I poop my pants about once every 60,000 miles. I gotta call bullshit on 15,000,000.