Bullet from Juarez wounds El Paso Woman

I tend to agree with “Teto” (who lives in El Paso BTW).

How could a carjacking gunfight? (Think pistols or AKs max) hit a woman over a mile away?

Most guns will shoot a mile or more if they are fired at a bit of an upward angle.

Worse, while a bullet fired straight up will fall at the bullet’s terminal velocity (which is non-fatal for most rounds), a bullet fired at an angle will follow a parabolic arc and can easily have a fatal velocity when it returns to earth.

Hence, one of the four rules of gun safety is to know your target and know what is behind it. Bullets can go a long way. Don’t ever shoot at anything unless you are absolutely certain where you bullet can end up.

The ballistics don’t make sense. Where’s the spent round?
*“I think it is unlikely that the bullet was from Ciudad Juarez. They would be better served looking at ‘Fast and Furious’ operations,” Murguia said during a public speech in Juarez.

Fast and Furious is the name U.S. officials gave to a gun smuggling operation in which U.S. agents allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico.

This is pure politics

Do you mean the spent bullet, or the shell casing? I’d guess that the bullet’s in the victim’s leg, and the casing at the scene where it was fired.

Here is a case where the firearm was fired in an elevated condition and killed a young girl 1.5 miles away.

That a bullet traveled .5 miles across the boarder is very do-able and being it was done by law enforcement in the line of duty this should not be made into a international issue and being very thankful the injury was not life threatening.
To get into a pissing contest will only bring more lead across the boarder especially after the fast and ferrous miscarriage.

That first story says it was a .223-caliber and 83 casings were found at the scene (and some were probably not found). So, it seems more likely that one of the 83+ rounds that were fired hit the lady than someone closer happened to also fire a .223 and hit her at the same time.

an AK is a 7.62mm rifle cartridge very similar in size to what an american M-14 is chambered for. Skilled shooters M-14’s and high powered scopes can hit human size targets 1000m out, thats 60% of a mile. Basically, the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was hit by a bullet fired far away. Many rifle rounds can actually travel several miles before landing if fired at the proper angle.

That’s what M16 or Mexican FX05 assault rifles fire. According to the US Army manual the “effective” range for point-aimed fire with the M16A2 is 550m but the round can travel as far as 3600m (2 miles plus) if it hits nothing in the way.

drachillix, I don’t think ballisticswise the AK 7.62x39mm is very similar to the NATO 7.62x51mm – shorter, lighter round and load;** BUT** still the point stands, just let loose it’s quite capable of travelling miles downrange at damaging velocity.

I knew they were different rounds, just wasnt feeling like looking them up, I’m more a handgun guy. Thank you for clarifying in case I confused anyone.

An AK-47 is chambered for 7.62x 39, about half as powerful as the 7.62 x 54 fired by the M14…so same caliber, but not similar ballistics.

The less common AK-74 fires the same 5.56 / .223 round that a M16 or AR15 is normally chambered for.

The Russian AK-74 fires 5.45x39, the American M16/M4 fires 5.56x45.

Would this be an example of [del]Gauderes[/del] Gunderes law. :smiley: