Bulletin Board Games

I run a Bulletin Board with over 2000+ members and when things get a little stale I come up with ‘games’ to keep people busy. Most of the time they are just based around sports events with members guessing who will beat whom.

What I was hoping to do is create a game of sorts where members would use email (or PM) to play a type of Play-by-Email game but while I’l found links to PBM sites, very few have tools to download to set up such games.

To those who don’t understand, I’m basically lookng for a gaming system where, ley’s say, 100 people would each send an e-mail indicating their turns or moves, as though playing chess, and process them and post the results.

Has anyone had any experience of this?

Good question; I would have thought there’d be more play-by-email options for you. But have you ever used Door Games? The old-school (!) BBSs used them all the time: www.bbsmates.com has a few.