Bullets (typography) origin

[li]<-- This is a bullet.[/li][/ul]
I am wondering when people first started using them and when bullets were first called bullets.

The word apparently has origins in mid-16th century French, referring to cannonballs (from a word meaning “small ball”). I’m assuming typographical bullets are named after firearm bullets, but that’s just a guess.

Functionally, it’s just a simple mark to set off a line or paragraph of text. You can find examples (dots, swashes, ornate foils) in illuminated manuscripts going way back. I’d guess a round dot became common because it did not resemble any letter and was quick and easy to make.

The name simply seems to be derived from the Latin and French words for “round thing.”

“Bullet points” means you’re allowed to shoot the presentation author after they slowly read you the third slide.