I can’t believe this…I just heard someone say “Bullshit” on 60 minutes!

OY, I didn’t think you could say that on national TV. I must live in a pretty sheltered world!

I’m sure it won’t happen again, considering there’s probably a few million old people all across the US writing letters to CBS right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am hardly a prude but that did shock me to hear it on national TV.

I got a shock last year when I went to see the South Park movie and heard all that swearing. I mean, yeah it’s South Park and all, but even Comedy Central has enough standards to bleep out the cuss words on TV.


Isn’t it amazing how standards can differ from nation to nation. Bullshit doesn’t raise much attention over here and would only do so if it was aired in the morning during children’s programming or in the 3-6pm timeslot. Outside of that we hear it on the news, current affairs and even local productions.

I’ve heard “shit” on 60 Minutes before. CBS is becoming more liberal with the bleeping stuff when it would obviously ruin the mood of the whole piece to bleep a word and it’s not THAT gratuitous.

“Bullshit” was said as a lyric in Pink Floyd’s song, “Money” for years. Only recently has it been masked out in airplay.

Up in Maine, we heard the real version of “One Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morrisette, with the phrase “chicken shit” intact. But down in DC, they stations played a redacted version that said “chicken-chicken”. I laughed so hard when I hear that!

eeemmmm, tonight was a rerun on sixty minutes. so i guess he said bs twice. now if he said: “fel…”

One of my favorite things was when Whitney Ford’s “What it’s Like” got popular; it was neat to hear which words each radio station bleeped–there was quite a range. One station actually wiped “whore”…

The Who has sung 'Who the fuck are you" for years on the radio. Anyone remember that rock band, who won an award on live TV, and the lead singer walked up and said " This is fuckin great"…Cut to commercial. HA!

I remember one of the Dallas Cowboys (Michael Irvin?) saying the s-word on live TV during the “acceptance speech” after winning the Super Bowl. IIRC, he got slapped with a pretty stiff fine.

The shit word as finally broken through the ‘words you can’t say on TV’ barrier. I recall the hubbub at the end of last season when that really popular cop show (don’t know the name because I never watched it, LAPD, CBS ???) aired it. One more barrier down and you’ll probably hear it everywhere now.
As for radio play, Pink Floyd’s money was quoted, but does anyone recall the '77 Amimals album. The lyric, “You fucked up old hag, HA HA, charade you are” always made it on the air. Blew my mind it wasn’t bleeped, but I love Pink Floyd, so I didn’t complain.

When “Politically Incorrect” was still on the Comedy Channel, there would be an honest-to-goodness live broadcast early in the evening, and a taped reshowing later. Martin Mull said “shit” on one of the live broadcasts, but it was masked out on the reshowings.

Back in the early 80s, I saw a segment on 60 Minutes where this British guy repeatedly said “bloody”, and they bleeped that.

Ted Koppel said on Nightline “I know bullshit when I hear it and you are giving me bullshit” to a group of stonewalling Serbs in the aftermath of the NATO operation over Kosovo.

Bishop Tutu said on another Nightline, something like, “The [apartheid] South African government doesn’t give a fuck.”

Ted can also comand local stations that they are going over the time limit to make their points.
That among other things is why it is my favorite TV news show, ahnds down.

I don’t know if it’s what Mojo Jojo’s referring to, but I recall Mark Harmon’s character on Chicago Hope saying, “Shit happens,” last season or the one before. That was on CBS, too. CBS isn’t exactly the cutting edge of television broadcasting, so it strikes me as odd that they’re pushing the edge of this particular envelope.

Then, of course, there’s PBS, where they get away with damn near everything.


Oh my god. That’s such an amazing mental image.

That would be Guns N’ Roses. And you forgot the part where they realized what they said, said “Oops,” and another band member piped up with “Fuckin’ oops!”

Schindler’s List has been aired on the networks uncut, but that is understandable. Why would you want to hack up a great film such as that? But On Golden Pond?
When On Golden Pond first hit broadcast/network TV, they aired it uncut, with all the “Bullshits” and flipping-of-the-birds intact. And this was in the eighties. I remember it well.

I love nightline. I recall that exchange with Ted about the serbs. I cheered. :smiley:

I dunno, I’m not against cursing, but we seem to get along fine without it on TV here.