Bullwinkle Takes Umbrage

Oh, Cecil, Cecil, Cecil. Where did your mother and I go wrong?
It’s Wossamotta U.!! See if we invite you to speak at the next Alumni Dinner.

[Ed McMahon voice]You are correct, sir![/Ed McMahon]

I should think so!

Nor is it true that I played football without a helmet. Though with these antlers (nice rack, I say), the fit wasn’t too good.
Might explain why I’ve been shacking up with a rodent for forty-five years. . . .

Though since you already made the correction in this thread, maybe you want to check the padding on that helmet.

Typographical errors (especially in old columns) are not Cecil’s fault. That’s li’l Ed’s or the typesetter’s.

And, of course, that column was run in the days before the internet, when Cecil liked to take on trivia questions from time to time as filler. Since the advent of the internet, such trivia questions are readily researched, and Cecil doesn’t do 'em much anymore.

Somewhere in the first season, in the Jet Fuel Formula series, I believe he says that he went to Moose Institute of Technology (or something like that). Of course, this does not preclude his having gone to old WU, but it does suggest that Cecil’s answer is incomplete.


If Cecil can repeat himself, then so can I!


Repeating yourself…? Just like history.

Bullwinkle may take all the umbrage he wants, as long as he returns it when he’s done with it.

But where would he take it? To Shade, Ohio?

Thanks for the umbrage! It’s so hard to find that I usually have to settle for siennage.

Even I find that pun painful.

Speaking of deja vu: Dex, that disclaimer of yours looks mighty familiar. :wink:

Then don’t pick it up while it’s still hot.

Hot cross puns. Mmmmmmmm.