Well, just when you think the home video market can’t get any worse, out comes bumfights . In a story on CNN , the director defends his “film” saying that the participants were not drunk, high, or mentally unstable, and that they enjoyed their moment in the sun.
Personally, this seems a pretty sick way to take advantage of people that more than likely are drunk, high, or mentally unstable (or desperate for money). Has anyone seen any of these tapes? Is it just harmless video voyeurism, not much different from any of the other “Caught on Tape” type stuff? Or is it this week’s sign of the apocalypse? The producers apparently did pay the hospital bill of one guy injured in the filming ('course, he wouldn’t have had a hospital bill if not for the filming), so I guess they’re not totally insensitive, right :rolleyes:

The bums are adults and paid to appear on the video. Big deal. It’s just like MTV’s Jackass except it involves some liberal cause.